Why We Exist

Education in Canada is a success story. Our public schools are among the best in the world. Thanks to extraordinary teachers, Canadian students regularly out-perform their peers in most developed countries.

But, in Canada, high overall quality masks deep inequality. On First Nations reserves, 3 in 5 students do not complete high school. In rural and remote communities, the drop-out rate is double the national average. Schools in small communities face challenges in recruiting and retaining outstanding teachers, particularly in math, science, and languages. And, too often, new teachers arrive in remote and indigenous communities without the preparation and support they need to succeed—and stay—in the classroom.

The Idea

Teach For Canada's vision is to make education more equal by helping teachers succeed in remote and indigenous communities.

First, we will recruit and select exceptional Bachelor of Education graduates and educators from across the country. These Teach For Canada teachers will join us in the summer before they begin teaching for an intensive, community-focused preparation program, designed and led by education experts, master teachers, school and community leaders, and elders. Among many other topics, Teach For Canada teachers will study the histories and cultures of the communities in which they will serve, and they will learn decolonizing and anti-racist pedagogies that can be used in the classroom. Once they begin teaching, local mentors and master teachers will provide our teachers with constant support to ensure that they continue to succeed in the classroom and community.

Our current approach

Teach For Canada has been working with indigenous and education leaders to shape our approach. Our plans have evolved, and they will continue to do so. More information will be available when our website receives a major update in early 2015, but please don't hesitate to write us at info@teachforcanada.ca with your questions or comments in the interim.

Our Values

The core values of Teach For Canada will lay the foundation for the entire program.

  • Humility. We value the experiences and perspectives of others, and we recognize our limitations. We appreciate that our efforts complement a range of initiatives that seek to reduce educational inequality, and that we will only be a small step in the right direction.
  • Culture. We recognize that culture and education are fundamentally linked. We will ensure that cultural respect and responsibility permeate the entire program.
  • Collaboration. We are committed to partnering effectively with schools, communities, and other groups to ensure that our work advances the broader good for all children.
  • Transparency. We will be transparent about our strengths and weaknesses, and our successes and failures. We will ensure that our impact is assessed objectively.

Our People

Our interim Board of Directors is comprised of Mark Podlasly (Chair), Adam Goldenberg, Kyle Hill, and Christie Kneteman. A permanent, expanded Board of Directors will be announced in late 2014, along with a Circle of Advisors.

Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in Teach For Canada! There are many ways you can help us make education in Canada more equal.

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